Thursday, June 17, 2010

Milk, and doughnuts, do a FAT body good!

I enjoy lots of yummy doughnuts and a glass of milk at a members request!
I was soooo full afterwards, but I still had a little room for some yummy candy lol.
Dont forget tonight, Thursday, at 9pm Pacific time is the exclusive members wecam show!
Dont miss it!


  1. You look........completely stunning, amazing!!! I have never seen such a beautiful body!!!!

  2. Gypsy, I want you to know that I love your curves, too! When I look at pics of your beautiful fat face & fat figure, I want you to know that I physically, sexually and emotionally prefer a woman your size, as all that gorgeous fat flesh makes you the ideal woman! I love you for sharing your sensuous pictures with fans.

  3. Gypsy, there are many things to admire about you, not least of which is your appetite. I find it very feminine for a woman to enjoy eating as much as you do, and I'm glad you do enjoy it that much, as I love what it's done for your figure. As a fan who loves every ounce of fat flesh on you, I can only praise every dinner you've eaten that made you the very beautiful fatty that you are. The ideal woman should be as fat as you, and the ideal man should prefer her that way, as I certainly do.